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     Brightman Lumber is continually adding new products to meet your project needs.  If you need something you do not see here please feel free to contact us. We take pride in how we handle each and every customer with the best service and attention to details.
     Our  yard is conveniently located off Rts 24 & 79 for material pickup.  No truck?  No time?  Call us and schedule a delivery.  Reasonable rates and quick delivery.

Mulch Pictured Above


1.-Premium Hemlock-Straight from Northern New England. It's rich vibrant red distinguishes it from other mulches.  


2. Pine-All natural, organic, dark brown from local forests.  


3. New England Red-Dyed product, fine texture, brilliant red color.


4. New England Black-Dyed product, fine texture, dark black.  


5. Clean Woodchips-White nuggets, approximately 1 inch in diameter.




Check out our mulch display. We have five varieties to choose from. We have black, brown or red mulch. Available for immediate delivery or pick up in our yard. Stop by today. Not sure how many yards you need? Give us your square footage and we'd be happy to help with your landscape project. Our mulch brings your landscape designs to life.
Paper Wrapped Bagged Shavings
Saw Dust
Saw Dust

From Pickup Truck to Trailer Loads Brightman Lumber will work to meet your needs




We have lots of wood samples in the office to check out. We can order any type of wood you need for your project.
Please give us a call for availability. 



6" premium clapboard
2x8 log cabin siding
1x8 edge and center bead
1x12 WP4
EWP Wide Plank Flooring
1x4 Meranti Decking
1x4 WP4
1X4 SYP Flooring
... 1x4 WP4 Fir
1x6 Clear SYP
1x10 Clear SYP
Fir Flooring
Edge & Center Bead Pre Primed
Ponderosa Pine 1x4 Exterior Clear
6 inch SYP C& Better
Pattern 106
1x6 Clear SYP Flooring
Edge & Center Bead Vertical Grain Fir
Edge & Center Bead Mixed Grain Fir
Composite Decking
WP11 Pattern
1x12 Ponderosa Pine Clear Exterior
Cedar S1S2E
1x4 SYP Select

Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call, we're glad to help. 
Whole Tree Woodchips are organic. They can have branches or bark mixed in. They are an inexpensive ground cover for your landscape project.
Clean Wood Chips-white nuggets, about one inch in diameter.